OMG I haven't posted in a YEAR!

I looked at my LJ and saw my last post was from Katsucon 2008! That was like a YEAR AGO! I've been keeping up with friend's LJ and commenting there but have done NOTHING new of my own! SAD! Well...decided to join an LJ roleplay game. Applied today. Hope I get in because the game's premise looks really awesome! I do tabletop roleplay and usually play the detective-type characters who spend the adventure trying to figure stuff out. I'm applying to play the same sort of person in this game and from what I've seen the PCs could use someone like my guy! I already know out-of-game two of the players and have heard GOOD STUFF about the game so I know it'll be a fun run. AND maybe I'll post more often if my life starts consisting of more than just eating, sleeping and going to work!! ;)


Leave for Baltimore and Katsucon TONIGHT! This is the FIRST TIME EVER I am not working in the same department as my husband and daughter. It will be odd but I am looking forward to working for a department with set scheduled shifts and actual breaks that are long enough to let you SEE the convention! I got my hours I will be working 2 WEEKS ago - The department chair is THAT organized she had everyone's hours on her Excel Spreadsheet and mailed us each a copy of the sheet! I work overnight midnight to 8am on Friday and Saturday and Sunday is PM convention breakdown which is fine with me because I do that job every year. So I get time off to SLEEP (yay!) and see the con in the afternoon and evening. First year in like 5 I may actually get to see Cosplay and spend more than 10 minutes in the dealer's room AND have time to visit with friends I only get to see at Katsucon. Im staying with Mary (my BEST friend - almost like a sister - HUGS to Mary!!) this year and she is bringing her two adorable children who will be cosplaying from Ouran High School Host CLub. Her son makes a CUTE Honey Sempai so it'll be fun cosplaying with them (I packed my Ouran uniform!) over the weekend. I usually cosplay Renji from Bleach but no room for the sword so I'm only doing one cosplay - another first in 5 years is getting this chance to cosplay while also being staff at the con! Side Note - Someday Id like to get out to Anime Boston - that is supposed to be a good convention. But ANYWAY I am looking forward to the huge change of pace and venue this Katsucon will be for me.
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I found a proxy that WORKS! W00t!

Thanks to Rev. Shotwell's son I got a working proxy I can use here at AHS to read and write to my LJ! Hopefully it'll let me read my NON-work email as well but I'm thankful it lets me go here and (hopefully) to visit my DA page as well. I really need to update my DA and read all my comments! Haven't because I couldn'g get there from work and on my rare days off the LAST thing I want to do is use the computer after staring at the %$#@ things for 60+ hours ALL WEEK!!

I'll be going to NY/NJ/CT from December 23 - 31st! Will try to stop by and visit as many people as I can. If anyone reading this can host me for any of those days I'd be UBER grateful!! I'm a po' schoolteacher and crash space sure beats sleeping in the rental car! Hope ALL OF YOU HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope to see LOTS of you soon (and I'm bringing PRESENTS!!)

Avatar quiz results!

I took the Avatar the Last Airbender "which character is your best match" Quiz and I got:

ZUKO (the HOT firebender!)

Figues the one who Cosplays ROY MUSTANG the FLAME Alchemist would be best suited to team up with ZUKO!
Getting Katara would have been weird (fire and water don't mix very well - and STEAM would make the ingnition cloth gloves cease functioning!

FMA Xover with Avatar (scary thought) and NO I AM NOT GOING TO WRITE THAT FANFIC!

Had to post something abotu Avatar - have joined the fandom (liked the show for a LONG time now but I don't consider myself a TRUE fan until I've done COSPLAY for a show. Okay, now that I am working on a Zuko AND a Katara costume I am now "officially" in the fandom!)
Now I have to make a costume for ME of my fave person from the show and weare it to IKKICON...!

Update on my Life~

Hi - I know its been a while since I have written ANYTHING to my LJ but since I am not sure if anyone even READS this page I am not sure if its even worth keepingup with. I mostly do LJ to keep in touch with my friends. I read THEIR pages! I don't know how many of my friends have "friended" me back so they read my stuff but I am hoping at least some of them have!

I REALLY MISS my friends in NJ! I looking forward to Christmas so I can see all of you guys again! The only thing that is good about Texas (other than the weather) is the fact I have a FULL-TIME teaching job there. Best I had in NJ was 2 part-time teaching jobs. So in this respect, Texas has ONE in the win column. I wish I was workin gin a higher-paying district but I can't complain really because at least these people HIRED ME! I've been applying for teaching jobs sinc ei moved down here and the folks in Azle were the first (and only!) people to ofer me anything other than a substitue teaching slot. So these guys win IMHO! If they renew my contract for 2007-08 I'll stay on even though its an hour commute each way and I know other places pay better. Until Katie graduates from High School and we know what she'll be up to for college its pointless for me to risk changing jobs since its my job money that will be funding her college expenses. I'm trying to get out of debt so I'll look good to banks when I put in for Katie's college loans.
I think one more year at Azle HS and I'd be out of the red enough to swing a loan so Katie can go to a decent college. Currenly I am still shy of 20K in the hole but most of that is on a 0% interest card that doesn't go up until March of 2008. So I have time to keep throwing every spare penny at them and get them paid off in time to beat the rate increase. The day I am FINALLY debt-free I'll have a HUGE party and get totally blitzed. 1 bottle of Stoli all for me...!
yeah, I know I have become dull and boring since my move since all I do now is eat, sleep, go to work and come home to cook, clean, and watch some TV. Hopefully I'll be able to come back East someday but until that day comes I'm stuck just visiting everyone when I have money and vacation time.
Don't forget I am still here and MISS YOU ALL ALOT! HUGS!!

Posting from AHS (I hope!)

Today is PSAT\'s so all morning is basically nix\'d. On the upside they won\'t be ringing the bells as much because of the test so that makes my head happy, since I sit right under a speaker (ouch!). Fifth period is the WORST sinc eit seems like the bell rings ever 15 minutes (5th is lunch and we have 3 lunches and of course the \"passing period\" gets 2 bells (one to start and one to end it) and that means 5th period bet ween lunch and passing period gets like 10 bells. Sux! Its the hardes tperiod of the day because of the stupid bells. The other periods are nowhere near as annoying unless its 4th and Chad has a TON of announcements to make. Hey, don\'t get me wrong. School is cool. Just could do without all the noisy interruptions! Also secretly wish Lightspeed (our school\'s online security thing) would curl up and die. It blocks things labelled \"educational\"! It\'s SUPPOSED to block things with objectionalbe content, like pr0n and violence (and it does) but it cuts out alot of the \"good\" stuff too! It needs to be seriously overhauled but no one really has the time to do that. Which is why I have to use a proxy to get to my LJ. Oh, well, life goes on...

IDA_RP looks like fun...desperate for a good RPG!

Joined an online RPG. Wish I could join a REAL one where friends come over and we sit around a table and role-play but since NO ONE OUT HERE WANTS TO COME TO KELLER AND DO THAT (Grrr!) I am forced to do online games. THIS game is very cool. YOu can be any character you like from anime or fiction and you are in an elite boarding high school. Teh game is set in the present day. I'm Sesshoumaru and in this time frame the heir to the throne of the Demon dog tribe is a very high class fellow who cuises around in a Lamborghini, wears Armani (and looks VERY good in those suits!) and enjoys being rich, good-looking and on the guest list of any high society type throwing a decent party. Its going to be fun playing th eonly one with class in a group that has guys like Naruto running around! Only problem is with my schedule I can only play on weekends or during holidays but I'll try to keep up if I ever get home from work at a civilized hour.

Love my job! The commute sucks donkey balls but if that is a person's ONLY complaint about their job then its a good thing. If I get a contract for 2007 -08 school year I will look into getting a studio apartment out there for when I am just too dead to do the drive home. They have furnished places out there that look like they were meant for just that sort of situation but how much they cost and such I haven't investigated yet. DId find a hotel thta is walking distance from the school that charges $60 a night that I can use in a pinch (stayed there once aleady and it was well worth the $$!) but am curious to find out what else is there. Azle is a cool small Texas town. Getting to know my way around a little and so far I like what I've seen!

Going to SCREAMS tonight to see Katie and Art at work haunting! Both of them got weekend jobs for the month of October working at this very cool haunted village. Got free tickets so I can go see them this Saturday and next Saturday. Should be fun! Haven't done anything like this since Shady Brook Farm's haunted house in Pennsy!